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Month: July 2016

Awesome Apps for Animals

Awesome Apps for Animals

It’s time to give back. The animal kingdom is a huge untapped market that has been largely overlooked. It’s our job as app developers to look for areas where an app can improve a life and then set about improving it.

Below are some ideas for mobile applications that can be used BY animals to increase THEIR productivity and lifestyle.


octopus banner

Octopuses have many mutual interests but I think it’s universally accepted that they all enjoy three similar activities:

  1. Squeezing into small spaces and pretending they’re invisible
  2. Tickling
  3. Spinning around like a Catherine wheel until they’re dizzy

I can’t think of many app ideas that would enhance any of these important physical endeavours, but I can try to bring like-minded octopuses together.

  • Some like to tickle, but not be tickled.
  • Some like to squeeze into old cans of coke, but not old shoes.
  • All octopuses like to spin until they’re dizzy.

Leg’s Be Friends – The social media app for octopuses

Legs Be Friends

Make a profile, add friends, post up tentacle selife’s, tickle people (metaphorically), add interests, discover new friends, meet up, tickle people (literally). You can do it all with Leg’s be Friends.

Send tickle requests to friends and try to tickle ten tickles with your tentacles.


dog banner

Tinder for dogs? Don’t be silly. Neuter your dogs, people! No, from what I can see, dog’s are driven by three things:

  1. Walkies
  2. Dinnertime
  3. Butt sniffs

The third option is definitely the inspirational one. Dogs of all shapes and sizes agree that butt sniffs are vital to interpersonal relationships and communication, but it’s also the canine version of keeping up with the joneses.

What if you, as a young professional pupper, wanted to tip the odds in your favour? Then you need OdourLoader.

Want that Labrador to think of you as a Dog about town and not a mongrel? Tap “Sophisticated” into OdourLoader and you’ll be told exactly what you should eat, and roll around in, to make that tasty lady dog weak in the knees.

Next time you enter a butt sniff ring, be confident that yours will smell exactly the way you intend it to.

Naked Mole Rat

mole rat banner

I don’t need to tell you how hard life is for a Naked Mole Rat. The ultimate exhibitionist has the lowest self esteem in the animal kingdom; opting to show off its sexy naked body, but to live underground where nobody can see it.

The Naked Mole Rat really only has one thing it needs, and that is a chance to show off its wares without a feeling of judgement. Where they can twerk to a stranger and never have to see them again.

I present to you, SnapRat, the perfect outlet for exhibitionism without commitment.

SnapRat has a couple nice features that set it apart from any competitors:

  1. It activates the full brightness of the screen as default to light up your underground snaps
  2. It automatically blurs your face for ultimate anonymity
  3. It pairs you up randomly with other naughty mole rats for some dimly lit, blurry fun

Do your thing mole rats; don’t let your dreams be dreams!


These three app ideas are just the tip of the iceberg for what we can do to start giving back to the animal kingdom and considering their needs for once. If you have any ideas then please leave a comment.